Monday, September 22, 2008

Change of seasons

Summer has come and gone. I was able to play golf 3 times in August while I was on vacation. The 1st time was with my older daughter. I played as if I hadn't stopped playing. We only played 9 holes and I shot a 42. Could have been a 40 if I made 2 putts I should have made. The 2nd round I ended up going out with the club champion. We played from the back tees. He was a pleasure to watch hit, but I think he was more amazed that I hadn't played in 3 years then I was with his game. The 3rd time I went out with my wife and one of my daughters. It was a bit more hectic and I didn't play as well, but it was still fun. No pain, no clubs flying from my hand because I could hold the club, and no eagles. But I can still play golf and I look forward to many, many, more rounds as I grow old.

Even though it's still pretty mild out, my reynauds kicks in even on a short walk. My fingers turn purple pretty quickly, even with wearing a light jacket. At least they warm up quickly, or at least they do right now. Now folks sometimes say "Why don't you move to where it is warm?!". The reason is, my reynauds kicks in on warm days when I come inside where there is air conditioning. And don't even ask about the refrigerated sections of the supermarket. So there's no real escape from it.

I'll keep walking as much as I can until it gets too cold out. Usually below 40, if the sun isn't out, my feet get too cold and it is uncomfortable to walk. But I like walking, so hopefully it'll be a while before I need to deal with other transportation instead of walking.

Since I made the last post with my email address, I've had about 8 people email me. Some of emailed me a bunch of times and some just once or twice. Everyone has questions, as I do, so I think it's nice to be able to ask someone else, who is going through the same thing, questions of all types. Some folks have had the disease about as long as I have or longer. Some have just been diagnosed. So please, if anyone wants, go ahead and email me. If I didn't want to receive email, I wouldn't put it out there. I'll answer any questions as best as I can, based on my experiences. I look forward to all your emails.

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