Monday, May 14, 2007

Pretty good the past few days

Last Thursday my legs felt horrible. It was like I was lifting 1000 lbs every time I took a step. Then on Friday, the exact opposite. My legs felt great. What happened between Thurs & Fri?

Sat and Sun felt good too. Last night around 10pm when we hopped into bed to watch some TV, I noticed that neither of my forearms had the "creaky door" fibrosis that I've had for months now. I wake up in the morning each day and there's no creaky door feeling. Throughout the day, usually by the time I get to work, there's some and by the end of the day, it's extremely noticeable. For some reason, it didn't come on Sunday.

Now I've learned, as posted previously, though you deal one day at a time, one day, or even a couple of days, where there's any difference (for better or worse) isn't worth getting excited or concerned about. But maybe, just maybe, this is a good sign.