Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Always interest from doctors about scleroderma

I have a stye in my eye which hasn't gone away so I went to a local doctor to get an antibiotic. Once she looked at my eye she started to write a prescription and the conversation turned to scleroderma. We spent much more time talking about scleroderma then about the stye in my eye. She was interested in the medications and how they helped, what changes occurred, etc. This is the same doctor's office, but with a different doctor, that I first went to in the spring of 2006 when my hands were bothering me which led to blood tests that showed I was ANA positive and the story begins.

The doctor even confessed that when she was first starting out at NYU that she considered going into dermatology but had some scleroderma patients and she said she just couldn't deal with it. She said back then there wasn't cellcept or other viable treatments.

When she handed me the prescription she said this should address the stye and hopefully they will find a cure for scleroderma. Hopefully!