Monday, March 5, 2007

Wow, are my Scleroderma meds expensive!

My prescription plan changed the beginning of the year and I can no longer just go to my local pharmacy to have my prescriptions filled. After the initial and follow-up refill for a prescription, I now need to mail in for refills for a 3 month supply. It is a real PITA that has pros (saves the company money) and cons (hurts the local pharmacy), but I won't talk about that now.

When I went to the pharmacy, there was just my co-payment for the 1 month prescription. I never actual saw the cost of each med. With the mail-in, when they send the medication, they send a sheet showing what the co-pay was and the total cost. I was blown away.

I'm on Cell Cept to address the immune system. My last prescription which I mailed in was for 2 500mg tablets twice a day (4 pills per day). The cost of my co-pay for 3 months - $75. The cost of the meds for 3 months - $1,800! Now my dosage was increased but after I mailed in the last prescription. I'm now on 6 pills per day (a 50% increase). That means my Cell Cept cost for 3 months is $2,700 or $900 per month.

That is $2,400 just for 1 medication! This Scleroderma can get expensive! I'll follow-up with other costs as I get them from the info provided on the refills.

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